Venom 2/2+ Ebike / Electric Bike / Bicycle

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Full Payment Price: $888 (Venom 2) | $1190 (Venom 2+) Debit/Credit Card Instalment available at $296/$397 per month Upfront: $296/$397 (Bring home after payment) 2nd Month: $296/$397 3rd Month: $296/$397 No Interest, hidden fees and requirements! Instant Approval!...

Full Payment Price: $888 (Venom 2) | $1190 (Venom 2+)

Debit/Credit Card Instalment available at $296/$397 per month
Upfront: $296/$397 (Bring home after payment)
2nd Month: $296/$397
3rd Month: $296/$397

No Interest, hidden fees and requirements!
Instant Approval! Just ensure you have at least $296/$397 in your bank.

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Free gift bundle with every ebike purchased from PassionGadgets:

  1. Phone Holder x 1
  2. Stylist Ebike Helmet x 1
  3. Ebike Anti Theft Lock x 1
  4. Portable Hand Air pump x 1
  5. Protective Face Mask x 1 Box
  6. Korea Aqua Hand Sanitizer x 1 
  7. Ebike Water Bottle Holder x 1 
  8. Ebike Rear Side Mirror x 1 
  9. Rear LED Light x 1
  10. Free LTA Plate number with Installation
  11. Free LTA Registration includes LTA inspection, Tagging fee and Registration fee.  
    (Exclude ownership transfer fee of $11).
  12. Free SG Doorstep Delivery

Detachable battery and Choice of various accessories.

Venom 2 is with 36v 6Ah Battery Travel up to 60km, Weight 18.2kg. Pre-order now
Venom 2+ is with 36v 10Ah Battery (Samsung 35E) Travel up to 110km, Weight 19kg  , stock eta 16 June 2020

Complies with the EN15194 standard, LTA Registered Orange Seal and Singapore Safety Mark charger. IP rating 54.

Extra battery available:

Venom 2+ is an upgrade version of Venom 2. Venom 2+ is equipped with a 36V 10.5Ah Samsung battery, providing a riding range up to 110 km and the charging time 5 hours. Venom 2+ equipped seat suspension, it provides more comfort than venom 2.

Venom 2+ comes with HD Smart Display Meter, it will show the battery power and status display. Other than that, It is a detachable battery and can add-on other accessories too.


The Venom2+ is everything you wish to have on a PAB. Just to add-on to what the Venom 2 is equipped with, the Venom 2+ comes with a larger battery pack, thus a longer hours of riding on a single charge. The Venom 2+ also comes fitted with a suspension seat pole. There is a limitless possibility to what you can do with the Venom 2+.

Venom 2+ Features


Venom 2+ Details

Removable Battery Pack

2 Steps easy to remove battery design.

1. Insert key into the battery locking key hole and turn the key.

2. Battery will pop up and you will be able to remove the battery out from the bicycle frame.

Powerful Battery

It takes only 3 hour to fully charge the battery all the way up from flat. Battery can be locked and remove from the E-bike frame.


Venom 2+ Frame Design

Our research and development team has design the E-bike with future add-on in mind. The current option includes, bottle holder, front basket, child seat, rear basket, etc. There is a endless possibility to what you are able to add on and customise the Venom 2+ to your liking.

Aluminium Alloy Frame

Solid hollow aluminium body has undergo many long hours of research and development to ensure that the E-bike is able to withstand heavy loads while keeping the unit lightweight.


Strong LED Light with Horn

Front white LED able to light up the pathway in the night. Built in Horn.


Bright LCD Display

The HUD display unit shows digital speed , 4 Level Assist, Battery Indicator, Front Light on/off, Mode Switch, Power on/off, Horn.


Powerful Gear Motor

Pedal assisted motor requires minimal effort going uphill.


Comfortable Seat with Suspension

Cleverly concealed seat suspension hidden underneath the saddle helps dampens any road shock to the user.

Rear LED Brake Light


Depressing on the brake lever will trigger the rear light to light up. Higher visibilty on the road for other road user. It helps to signal the intention of the user that he/she is stopping.



High quality reflector, easy to prompt pedestrians and vehicles at behind/side, it can be visible from far and make you safer to ride at night or raining days.

Small and Nimble

Suitable for both male or female rider, young or old. The Venom 2+ is design for all users in mind. This E-bike is light-weight and can be carried easily with one hand.

Foldable Stem Design


One Step folding of the Ebike stem ensures that the Venom can be loaded into the boot of a car if you intend to bring it over to the beach or park with your friends/family.

Disk Brake


Powerful braking caliper are a great improvements compared to traditional rubber brakes. They are responsive, depending on how much strength you depress on the brake lever, you will be able to determine the stopping power of this Ebike.



Light weight and easy to remove front and rear fender makes cleaning them hassle free.

⚙️ Main Specifications:

Frame Material Aluminum-alloy
Color Available Grey / White
Weight 18.2 kg
Unfold Size
Fold Size
Max Load 100 kg
Battery 36V 10.5Ah Samsung
Brake Front & Rear Disc Brake
Accelerator Hand Control / Foot Pedal
Charging Time 5H
Motor 36V Motor
Range Per Power Up to 110 km
Max Speed 25km/h
Max Climbing Degree 15 degree
Adjustable Seat & Stem
Tire Type 14″ Front & Rear Tube
Suspension Seat Suspension
Waterproof IPX54, (IPX7 for core components)
Light LED Front Headlight, Rear Brake Light
Special HD Smart Display Meter, Detachable Battery, Can add-on Accessories
Safety Standard LTA Standard, Safety Mark, EN 15194

*Do note this is a PAB.*
*Only can be used at Roads and Cycling/shared paths.*

The use of e-bike in Singapore is regulated by the authorities. Some of the important ebike regulations are:
1. PAB rider must wear a helmet when riding on roads.
2. PAB rider and pillion must be 16 years and above
3. PABs cannot be used on pedestrian pathways.


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