Scorpion EBike LTA Approved PAB e-bike Electric Bicycle

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Brand: Minimotors, Tyre Size: 16 inch
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✅Magnesium alloy frame with rear suspension
✅Detachable battery can get up to 60km
✅16" wheels
✅Easy to fold and put in the car

Complies with the EN15194 standard, LTA Registered Orange Seal and Singapore Safety Mark charger.

Scorpion electric bike is the best selling e-bike in Singapore. Unique streamlined-design magnesium alloy frame with rear hydraulic suspension provides the most comfortable riding experience whatever for commute or leisure. And the whisper-quiet 250W gear motor delivers the strong power in climbing slope. A detachable lithium battery outputs a maximum travel range 60km. And you can replace and charge it easily.

Other than that, the scorpion electric bike is quick folding and unfolding system. It’s easy for you to put in your car boot, storage room or carry in MRT/bus. And the magnetic lock and trolley wheel make it more convenient to push after fold. IPX4 water-resistant body allows you to ride in light rain without worry.

Main feature:

  • Magnesium Alloy Foldable Frame with Trolley Wheel & Magnet (Easy carry to MRT/Bus)
  • Rear suspension
  • Original Design With US & EU Patent
  • Powerful 250W Gear Motor
  • 16″ Big Tires
  • Include Free Acrylic Number Plate
  • Special Green Color will be +$30.
  • Package A ($199): 1+1 Battery (Up to 10.4Ah)  [N.P. $210]
  • Package B ($391): 1+2 Battery (Up to 15.6Ah) Free Waterproof Pouch  [N.P. $450]

Noted: Next batch preorders Accept now.
The estimated time of arrival is by End of November. Please consider due to high demand, limited stock is available for bookings. Orders accepting on a first come first serve basis.

Removable Battery Pack

This design make you easy for replacement and charging. You can buy extra extension battery for prepare the powerless condition also. Other than that, the Battery Pack is small and light to carry everywhere.

2 Ways to Charge

Option 1:
Charge from Frame

Uncover the silicon lid to charge from the charging port of the bike frame. 

Option 2:
Charge from Battery Pack

Pull out the battery box to charge, instead of moving the bike.

Powerful Battery

It takes only 3 hour to fully charge the battery all the way up from flat. Battery can be locked and remove from the E-bike frame easily.

Under Voltage Protection

Display low battery in advance and stop working to protect battery cells from damage

Short Circuit Protection

Monitor the circuit in real time to prevent the circuit from overheating

Working Temperature Protection

Real-time monitoring, the temperature will stop working if it is not in the working range

Overcharge Protection

When the charging voltage is too large, the battery stops charging by itself

Power Equalization Output

Keep it full of power and stable driving at all times

Current Stability Protection

Stable current output to ensure the stability of the entire circuit

Scorpion Frame Design

The design of the frame is inspired by the running cheetah. It has both streamline and strong muscle, which is full of sports sense. The frame process adopts magnesium alloy die-casting technology, which breaks through the traditional welding process and ensures that the whole electric bicycle has no welds.

Foldable structure with magnetic holder making it suitable for all public transports.

Magnesium Alloy Frame

The frame material is magnesium alloy, which is 1/3 lighter than aluminum alloy and has better shock resistance. Magnesium alloy made the Scorpion more attractive and more affordable.

Powerful Gear Motor

Powerful Gear Motor can help you climb the slope more easily and fast response when you start.

Multiple Riding Mode


MinMax 25km/h

Human Riding (Gear 0/1)

It can be used like an ordinary bicycle and can be used for cycling, fitness, and exercise without charging.

Grade 0: Pure Riding without Power Support

Grade 1: Low Speed, Max Around 15 km/h


MinMax 25km/h

Boost Cycling (Gear 2)

Easy to ride, save time and energy, save long battery life, and increase the output of pedaling strength by 0% -50%.

Grade 2: Middle Speed, Max Around 20 km/h


MinMax 25km/h

Electric Riding (Gear 3)

Help at full speed, enjoy easy cruise without manpower and climbing.

Grade 3: High Speed, Max Around 25 km/h

Bright HD Smart Display

Accurate battery display, Accumulated mileage, Adjust the gear, Power On/Off, All in one LCD Display with back light, no need to worry about the invisible display under the sun.

Button Instruction

Button M : Long press 3 seconds to turn on/off.

Button + : Long press to turn on/off light; Short press to increases speed grade.

Button – : Short press to decrease speed grade.

Strong LCD Light

Powerful LED front light, shed your path clearly bring you home safely at night or raining day.

Backseat Reflector


High quality reflector, easy to prompt pedestrians and vehicles at behind, it can be visible from far and make you safer to ride at night or raining days.

Tire Reflector

Tire reflector in front and rear tire, easy to prompt pedestrians and vehicles at side, it can be visible and make you safer to cross the road at night or raining days.

Antirust Chain

The chains are coated with a layer of anti-rust spray thus prolonging the life of it.

Disk Brake

Powerful braking caliper are a great improvements compared to traditional rubber brakes. They are responsive, depending on how much strength you depress on the brake lever, you will be able to determine the stopping power of this Ebike.

Cool Fender

Cool Light weight and easy to remove front and rear fender makes cleaning them hassle free.

Public Transport Friendly Design

Thinking of bringing your E-bike to work? With the foldable design, you will be able to take your Ebike into any MRT Station and Bus.

Small Roller at Bottom

Small Roller design for easy to carry around when after folding.

Magnet Suction Buttons

Strong suction ability keeps the folded frame always compact, allowing you to take the bike onto the crowded metro or elevator easily.

3 Step Folding

Step 1

Release red locking mechanism on the E-bike frame.

Step 2

Fold the front side of the Ebike to the rear. Magnets are located on the front left and rear right to ensure that the Ebike will hold in position

Step 3

Release the locking mechanism on the Ebike stem to lower the handlebar downwards.