Raid Electric Anti Mosquito Pad /Refill Pad for Xiaomi Repellent

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Brand: Xiaomi
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Recommended Mosquito Repellent Mat

72 pieces per box


Product features

Effective repellent: 72 nights (10 hours / night) effective insect repellent to protect your home away from disease-carrying mosquitoes


  • The electric mosquito coils placed on the heating plate heater
  • Power, heater indicator light that began to work
  • After 10 hours, mosquito coils will be white, this time should be replaced, the replacement film, make cooling off, and then use the film to launch the old sheet, unplug the heater when not in power plug


  • Do not touch the heater with wet hands, when the heater is working, do not touch or insert any object, not dropping any liquid to the electric mat
  • Please wait five minutes for mosquito mat heater plug pulled after cooling, and then replace the electric mosquito coils, surface not covered with anything when the heater is working, make sure that is not covered curtains, bed sheets
  • Please pay attention to ventilation when using
  • Do not make eye contact with this product, do not take, please avoid using pet
  • Silkworm, fish poisonous. Silkworm indoor and disable nearby. Wash hands after use
  • Allergy. The use of any adverse reactions, please consult a doctor immediately
  • Please supporting the use of radar electric mosquito coils and heaters, because different brands of heater temperature may be different, when in use, the heater should be placed upwind
  • The life of the heater is generally 2--3 years, if you find that night, the electric mosquito piece color changed, but life has exceeded normal life, purchase a new radar electric heater mat