PassionDash 4.0 Electric Scooter Passion Dash IV

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We strongly encourage customers to purchase extended warranty coverage as it's covers the most expensive parts (E.g. Battery, Motor, LCD Display, Controller)
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Seat is not included, to be purchased separately.
Under deck LED is not available for 18ah model
Compliant PMD and Singapore Spring Authority Approved Safety Mark Charger
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 Detailed Specifications:

PassionDash 4.0 Electric Scooter Passion Dash IV

Battery 36V 10.4ah (30 - 35km) 36V 18Ah (50 - 55km) 48V 10.4Ah (35 - 40km)

110 x 55 x 120 cm (Open Size) / 110 x 24 x38cm (Folded Size)

Weight 18.44kg 19.44kg 19kg
Charging Time 5 - 7 hours
Max User Weight Load 120kg
Tires 10" Front and Rear Pneumatic
Max Speed Capped at 25km/h (LTA-Compliant)

* The specification can be changed by manufacturer without notice to improve the quality and safety for users.
* The distance on the specification is 60kg load, flat terrain with 20km/h constant speed riding basis.
The driving distance can be shortened by the driving environment and the driving way of user.
* The distance can be affected by loaded weight, wind direct (wind speed), road condition, slope and tire condition.

P01: backlight brightness, the darkest level 1, the brightest 3;
P02: Mileage unit, 0: KM; 1: MILE;
P03: Voltage level: 24V, 36V, 48V, default 36V;
P04: Sleep time: 0, do not sleep; other figures for the sleep time, range: 1-60; unit minutes;
P05: Power-assisted gear setting
P06: Wheel diameter: Unit, inch; Accuracy: 0.1;
P07: the number of speed magnet: Range: 1-100;
P08: Speed ​​limit motor maximum operating speed
P09: zero start, non-zero start setting, 0: zero start; 1: non-zero start;
P10: Drive mode setting 0 Power drive 1 Power drive 2 Power drive Drive coexists
P11: Assist sensitivity setting 1-24
P12: Starting torque: Range: 0-5,0 Weakest, 5 strongest;
P13: Power Plate Magnet Type Setting 5 8 12
P14: Controller Current Limit Setting Default 12A Range: 1-20A; (requires controller software support)
P15: Motor drive signal percentage setting (to achieve PO8 speed limit function) Full speed is set to 100
P16: Instrument real-time cruise function 1 With this function 0 Without this function
P17: Headlamp Synchronization 1 Headlight and backlight are off after power on 0 Headlight and backlight are on after power on
P18: Power on password selection function 1 With this function 0 Without this function
P99: One-key recovery function (Press and hold the MODE key for 5-6 seconds in the parameter setting interface of P99, all parameters will be restored to the initial setting for the first time)
ODO: ODO cleared (in the ODO parameter setting interface, short press the MODE key for a long time and then press and hold for 5M-6 seconds until the number is zero)
 Pls note: Scooters specifications may vary and subjected to change without notice

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