Passion E2 (Etwow S2 GEN II) Electric Scooter /E-twow/Eco/Master/Booster

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Tyre Size: 8-9 inch
For collection of this product, kindly visit our warehouse / service centre.   LTA Compliant & Non-UL2272 Certified  (Able to Register with LTA at )(Uncheck Safety...
For collection of this product, kindly visit our warehouse / service centre.
LTA Compliant & Non-UL2272 Certified (Able to Register with LTA at Safety Standard)

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The Passion E2 (E-Twow S2 / Etwow Gen 2) also known as Zoom Air 2, Scoooby, Nova scooter, ESG scooter under different marketing name. Original name is Etwow, produce by Etwow Factory in China for europe market. 
What's the difference between Zoom Air 2 and Etwow2?
Ans: Zoom Air scooter come with Zoom logo stickers on the scooter, warranty covered by Zoom (Price $1099). 
PassionGadgets Etwow 2 without zoom sticker,  warranty is covered by PassionGadgets (Price $849). 

How safe is our warranty compared to zoom?
Our warranty covered the same as Zoom and we do sell spare range of replacements parts.
For more information on our replacement parts price list do visit here 
2015 New! Passion E2 Function:
New Cruise control: While travelling at constant speed, hold acceleration throttle for 3 seconds. 
New Kickstart Acceleration Function: (The motor power cuts in only when the rider starts to kickoff.)
Speed Limitation System: Able to set maximum speed limit when full throttle. Lock speed at lower speed for children safety. 
Instruction Manual download here
All units come with a free one month warranty including battery by Passion Gadgets
1) Lightweight and compact for you to carry everywhere.
2) Varied application: individual,business,tourism,sports,daily use,adult,youth,elder,holiday gift.
3) Say NO to pollution and consumption. 
4) Advanced new technology: Cruise control and Speed limitation control.
5) Special design bag make your travel easier. (purchase separately)
6) Strong factory and experienced Europe engineer. 
7) KERS system
8) Cruise control system
9) Speed limitation system
Detailed Specifications:

Passion E2 (Etwow S2 GEN II) Electric Scooter

Model Name Eco Master Booster
Motor 24V 250W Front brushless motor 33V 250W Front brushless motor
Battery 6.5Ah 8.5Ah 6.5Ah
Distance 25 - 30km 35 - 40km 30 - 35km
Weight 10.7kg 11kg 10.7kg
Speed 25km/h  (For Singapore user, Speed will Cap at 25km/h under LTA Regulation)
Brake System Front Kinetic Energy Recovery System, Rear Fender Brakes
Dimensions 94 x 116 x 15cm (Unfolded) / 94 x 33 x 15cm (Folded)
Tyre 8-inch Front and Rear Solid
Maximum Rider's Weight 100kg
Charging Time 2 - 4 hours 2 - 4 hours 2 - 4 hours
Optional Add on Seat Yes
Light Yes, Front Yes, Front and Rear
Special feature Dual suspension, Portable, Sleek design
Safety Standard LTA Standard, Spring Singapore (Safety Mark)  

* The specification can be changed by manufacturer without notice.
* The distance on the specification is 60kg load, flat terrain with 20km/h constant speed riding basis.
* The driving distance can be shortened by the driving environment and the driving way of user.
* The distance can be affected by loaded weight, wind direct (wind speed), road condition, slope and tire condition.

Imagine you riding the E-TWOW electric scooter whose weight is less than 10.5 kg. You can comfortably ride this electric scooter everywhere for relaxation: in the morning, with E-TWOW electric scooter, you can admire the beautiful landscapes in the city, without breaking a sweat. Less time riding and practicing, less time pushing and walking. You can also use your feet to do sports.
Press the acceleration right thumb for 5 seconds and the cruise control will automatically enter.

In addition to being an amazing ride, it's also the perfect newest electric vehicle. When it comes to short trips, you can finally stop worrying about parking, traffic, garages, gas stations, pedaling, bike locks and pushing. With E-TWOW electric scooter, you can run quick errands, go to work and shopping, go to park, get around campus, or link up with public transit, up to 35 km with long range battery before recharging. But most importantly, you'll enjoy the ride every day.
We can electronically limit the top speed without sacrificing the power you need to go on hills. On top of that, we've added regenerative braking by using KERS technology. It's easy to learn, easy to handle and easy to control your speed using the brake, while recharging the battery.
We have a solid background in mechanical and electrical engineering.  As a result of the implementation of the 4 patents held and another 10 patents pending, the E-TWOW is the first and only electric portable scooter to be developed under the KERS technology (KINETIC ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM) and the first to implement MAGNETIC BRAKING SYSTEM. We joined our revolutionary technology with our favorite components and thinking and achieved to make the newest and most useful vehicle in the world.  Changing the transportation and the perception of what a vehicle can be, that’s the goal of E-TWOW scooter.

More Information
Color: metallic white or black
Material: Aluminum alloy + Metallic paint technology
Folding Function: Height Adjustable, Handlebar Folding + Automatic Unfolding
Break function: Regenerative break for front wheel + Emergency break for rear wheel (At the same time the front wheel regenerative brake and rear wheel friction brake)
Shock absorption: Front shock absorption + Rear shock absorption
Light: LED lighting group (Include 12 LED), CPU controlled for a light intensity independent of battary voltage
Horn alert function: Piezo ceramic hom
UBHI function command: throttle control, braking control, display, light, horn
Size of UBHI function command: 80*60*60mm
Speed control mode: On the left side of UBHI control the break by thumb
Break control mode: On the right side of UBHI control the acceleration by thumb
Tyres: airless tyres
Chargeing time:1-2 hours
Techology inside: 1.KERS (kinetic energy recover system
                                 2. LCD automatic light by sensor
                                 3. Magnetic Brake system
                                 4.Cruise control system
                                 5.Speed limitation system
























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