NXS 1X Set bike accessories Quantum servo, battery, charger, cable, adapter, shift buttons and blakbullet hub

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The 1X set has everything you need to easily convert your bike to precise wireless shifting. The NXS system will work on any rear derailleur, regardless of brand or number of speeds.  Choose a rear derailleur adapter to fit your brand and mounting style. The CNC aluminum Shifty connects to the BlakBullet hub. If your bars have internal routing, you can easily hide the BlakBullet inside the bars. Otherwise, secure it under the stem, or any place you choose. The system is expandable. You can plug in up to 4 shifter controls, and connect to up to 7 devices. Our Dropperator wireless adapter, due in June, can be paired to the Blakbullet hub.

The Quantum Servo

Easily install and program in a few minutes.

BlakBullet Hub

Small enough to fit inside any handlebar, but powerful enough to control every NXS component.


  • Quantum Servo
  • Quantum Battery
  • Charger
  • Cable
  • Choice of adapter
  • Shifty Buttons
  • BlakBullet Hub