NUTT Hydraulic e-Brakes Set A5-D ABS Sensor For Ebike Escooter Zero Caliper Lever

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Set is Bundle with left and right Brake Lever and Brake Caliper

Come with 160mm Rotor Disc

NUTT Hydraulic E-Brakes A5-D Electric Bicycle Lithium Bicycle Mountain Bike Automatic Magnetic Induction Power Off Oil Brake Oil Disc Brake Caliper

  • You can upgrade your E-Bikes, E-Scooters and ZERO 10X, 11X, 8X, 10, and ZERO 9.
  • The kit doesn’t include the hydraulic fluid (i.e., the mineral oil). It consists of a pre-bled brake set.
  • The set includes 2 x electric brake cut-off sensors with brakes calipers and two brake levers.

Developed in Taiwan, this NUTT hydraulic e-brake system is aimed to be free of virtual maintenance, predictable and reliable pad retractions (which are faster), better durability, and better-stopping force.

Frequent maintenance is often required by ordinary braking systems. Modify your brakes and replace them with hydraulic brakes!

They don’t require any maintenance because of the sealed hydraulic system (where dirt can’t enter). The only required maintenance is new work pads. These systems can be easily adjusted and set up.

Hydraulic brakes and how they differ from mechanical disk brakes:

A cable is used in standard brakes to brake. There is a possibility of them getting dirt and stretched out. Hydraulic brakes are better at stopping then mechanical brakes. People may face problems like small disc size leading to warping of the disc in mechanical brakes. Furthermore, the cables on mechanical brakes may snap.

Brake fluids are used in hydraulic brakes. The brakes work when the brake is pressed. It contains brake fluid. The discs used are warp-resistant and comparatively large. The braking performance is more reliable and stronger. Performance is unaffected by mud and dirt because of hydraulic brakes being a part of sealed systems. Mud and dirt may affect performance in case of dirty pads, but this problem exists for mechanical brakes, too.