Ninebot Unicycle Repair Parts

SGD $5.00 (Including 7% GST)  
50 item(s)

7cm Brass Air Valve Extender / Extended Air Nozzle

SGD $1.50 (Including 7% GST)  
16 item(s)
For collection of this product, kindly visit our warehouse / service centre.    Original - For Airwheel / IPS / Solowheel / Rockway Increase your nighttime safety and visibility with our full line of reflective stickers. Professional...

SGD $9.90 (Including 7% GST)  
17 item(s)
Inner Tube Replacement tire for Ninebot One E/E+/P and other 16inch Electric Unicycle 16" x 2.125 16inch Electric Unicycle Inner Tube A replacement tyre for 16inch Electric Unicycle

SGD $7.00 (Including 7% GST)  
160 item(s)
  • 14cm long
  • Made of Brass
  • Nozzle valve come with nozzle pin
  • Suitable to use at petrol kiosk 
  • This help to solve your problem if you had a hard time reaching your air valve nozzle that is too close to motor hub.
  • Sutiable for Electric unicycle and Electric Scooter

SGD $7.00 (Including 7% GST)  
72 item(s)

21cm Black Air Valve Extender / Air Nozzle

SGD $9.90 (Including 7% GST)  
28 item(s)
A replacement tyre for 14inch Electric Unicycle For Electric Unicycle, replacing the tyre is as easy as a bike. 14" x 2.125 14inch Electric Unicycle Inner Tube

SGD $18.90 (Including 7% GST)  
46 item(s)
This is price for 1 piece, for 1 pair please select qty 2

SGD $49.00 (Including 7% GST)  
22 item(s)
For collection of product, please proceed to warehouse/service centre.    Xiaomi Scooter (Ninebot Mini) Extended Handle with Phone Mount

SGD $19.90 (Including 7% GST)  
19 item(s)
Side Kickstand with Plate for Ninebot Mini (Xiaomi Scooter)/Ninebot Mini Pro

SGD $28.00 (Including 7% GST)  
30 item(s)
CST Brand 16 x 2.125 40-50 PSI

SGD $28.00 (Including 7% GST)  
10 item(s)
For collection of product, kindly proceed to warehouse/service center    Original A replacement outer tyre for Xiaomi Scooter (Ninebot Mini) / Ninebot Mini Pro 10inch 70/65-6.5 10/3.0-6.5  Installation is...

SGD $80.00 (Including 7% GST)  
3 item(s)
 Original A replacement parts for Xiaomi Scooter (Ninebot Mini) and Ninebot mini pro.  For ninebot mini pro to use with the extended handle, this part would be required.    

SGD $15.00 (Including 7% GST)  
8 item(s)
For 1 pair, pls add one more qty. Price is for 1 piece

SGD $24.90 (Including 7% GST)  
10 item(s)
Kickstand for Ninebot Mini (Xiaomi Scooter)

SGD $69.00 (Including 7% GST)  
10 item(s)
Put on the protective equipment and go for the journey! For your safety the Xiaomi company has developed a special protective gear — a lightweight and durable helme, an ergonomic gloves, elbow pads and knee pads that have passed rigorous testing. They...
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