Ninebot Mini Pro Remote Control Smart Self Balanced Scooter 18km/h 800W| Mini Segway

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Compliant PMD and Singapore Spring Authority Approved Safety Mark Charger

LTA regulations:

- 15km/h on Shared Footpath

- 25km/h on Cycling Path/PCN

- Less than 20kg allow

- Not allowed on Road

- Max Device width no more than 70cm


Xiaomi Scooter 'NineBot Mini"


Battery - 240wh
Distance - 22KM
Motor - 700w (350W each motor)
Range - 22km per charge 
Speed - 16km/h
Hills - can go Uphill on slopes up to 15 degree
Load Support - 85KG
Weight - 12.8kg

Ninebot Mini Pro


Battery - 340wh 
Distance - 30KM
Motor - 800w (400W each motor)
Range - 30km Per charge 
Speed - 18km/h
Hills - can go uphill on slopes up
To 15 degree 
Load support - 85Kg
Weight - 12.8Kg
Pros - Telescope Extention on Steering Set 
- Easy to Detach 
- Inbuilt Trolley Handle

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini vs Ninebot Mini Pro: