Milkchecker Automatic Milk Temperature Thermometer

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The only precise milk & food thermometer. 
A new innovative thermometer that accurately measures the temperature in a bottle or bowl. 
Do you want to know if you give your child milk or porridge at the right temperature? 
Milkchecker is for you!

 Milk Checker

Milkchecker is an automatic milk checker formula that helps prepare the perfect formula by controlling the temperature which makes it easier to make the perfect formula.

  • IDEAL FOR MEASURING BREAST MILK TEMPERATURE - Milkchecker perfectly measures breast milk temperature. 
    For refrigerated breast milk, pour the milk into a bottle then place it in a bowl of warm water and swirl gently. 
    Place the bottle onto Milkchecker and get the optimum breast milk temperature for your baby

  • PERFECT FOR FORMULATED MILK TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT - Fill the milk bottle with warm water and place it on the Milkchecker. 
    Then pour in the formula, once Milkchecker detects the optimum temperature for babies, the system will alert parents

  • 3-COLOR LARGE AND EASY READOUT LCD DISPLAY - Milk temperature is accurately displayed and color coded so parents can tell if 
    milk is too hot (Red), milk formula is suitable for preparing (Yellow), Suitable for Drinking (Green)

  • FULLY AUTOMATIC - Once the milk is over 89 °F (32 °C) Milkchecker automatically starts to work by displaying the correct temperature. 
    Works with most bottle 
    systems - wide, narrow, angled, even disposables

  • SAFE, ACCURATE AND PATENTED - No more guessing temperature for moms.
    With advanced electronics, Milkchecker is perfect for getting the right temperature every time. 
    CE certified and battery powered

  • Milkchecker is specially designed for getting accurate feeding bottle temperature measurements while preparing formula or warming refrigerated breast milk for infants. 
    It prevents low and 
    high temperature milk when feeding babies.
  • Operating the Milkchecker is simple. 
    For formula milk put warm milk in a bottle and place on Milkchecker, then pour formula and swirl gently. 
    Wait for optimum temperature before feeding. 
    For refrigerated breast milk, pour the milk 
    in a bottle then place it in a bowl of warm water. 
    Swirl gently until evenly distributed, then place the bottle onto the Milkchecker. 
    Repeat process till optimum temperature is obtained before feeding your baby.

Almost immediately, Milkchecker displays the correct temperature on its large, easy to read out display with appropriate colored lights.

If milk is too hot, the display is red. If milk is right for preparing (i.e. adding formula) display is orange. When milk is at the right temperature for babies, display is green.

Accurate Japanese non-contact infrared thermometer technology ensures the temperature is accurate and never needs calibration.

Take the guess work out of baby feeding and always give your child milk at the right temperature. 

Convenient and portable product weighs less than 2oz and can be easily carried in a purse.


  • Measuring Method: Infrared Thermometry
    Display Range: 32-80°C
    Green Range: 37-39°C
    Yellow Range: 39.5-42°C
    Red Range: Above 42.5°C
  • Display Resolution: 0.5°C
  • Temperature Scale: °C/°F
  • Operating Temperature: 10-40°C
    Battery Size: AA x 2 (not included)
    Battery Life: 6 Months


  • Fully Automatic Operating – Give baby the similar feeling to breast

  • feeding.
  • Non-Contact Sensing – Keep the best nutrition in the formula milk.
  • 3-Stages Notification – Protect baby from drinking milk of too high temperature
  • Suitable for all type of milk bottle. 

Bottle and AA batteries not included

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