CarboAero3.0 Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter / Nextdrive Zero 3.0 / Jack hot 3.0

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Compliant PMD and Singapore Spring Authority Approved Safety Mark Charger
Singapore Safety Mark Certified 
Latest 3rd Generation Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter with Front Suspension. 
Features compare to Jackot, Nextdrive, Zero 2.0.
  1. Front Suspension -Improved Riding Experience +30%. 
  2. Color Display
  3. Smaller practical front spot light.
  4. Motor is more silent and Pick up faster (Performance)
  5. Motion activated Rear Red light
- Bigger Wheel Size 5.5’ vs Nextdrive 5’
- Better Motor (German technology, more silent and powerful than Jackhot and Nextdrive).
- Better tyre thread design for better grip.
- Thick tyre 2cm vs Nextdrive 0.8cm
- Smaller practical front spot light vs Nextdrive/ Jack Hot- long tube led (diffuse).
- Residue memory on last Gear engage when u power off/ on.
- One lever click open and close vs Nextdrive 2 different lever.
- Rear wheel tyre with squeeze ball inner material, better cushioning vs Nextdrive hard 
- Comes with kickstand and is kickstand friendly, more stable vs Nextdrive/Jackhot which will rotate around.
- Rain cover on charging port.
- Rear wheel inner rim redesign to reduce noise and bearing issue face by Nextdrive user.
- Cruise control mode
- Kickstart mode

Detailed Specifications:

CarboAero3.0 Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter 

Battery LG Brand Lithium Battery 10.4Ah 
Motor  250W 24v Brushless motor (Transmission Power: 450W)
Speed 25km/h
Distance 25-30km
Weight 7.5kg
Max Load 100kg
Folding Size 100 x 40.5 x 23.5cm 
Charging Duration 3 hours

NEW ! CarboAero 3.0

P0 - Wheels diameter - 6" 
P1 - Battery readings - 21.5v
P2 - No. of Motor Magnet - 11
P3 - Internal or external speedometer
P4 - Speed units: MPH or KMH
P5 - Kickstart=1 or No Kickstart (PAS)=0
P6 - Cruise control 1 = on , 0 = off
P7 - Torque control (slow down the sudden torque that kick in when pressing the trigger compare to the default settling) 1 = power start, 0 = normal start.
P8 - Speed percentage setting
P9 - Reset ODO 

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