New! Speedway3 Mini aka PassionMini3 Electric Scooter

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We strongly encourage customers to purchase extended warranty coverage as it's covers the most expensive parts (E.g. Battery, Motor, LCD Display, Controller)
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Speedway3 Mini rebranded as Passion Mini 3
Manufactured by the same factory as Speedway. Same quality and specification with local warranty coverage.
Display set available for Test Riding with no obligations at our Retail store!
Compliant PMD and Singapore Spring Authority Approved Safety Mark Charger
Display set available for Test Riding with no obligations at our Retail store!
Same quality and specification with Local Warranty Coverage!
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 Detailed Specifications:

Speedway3 Mini aka PassionMini3 Electric Scooter

Motor 36V 350W 48V 500W
Battery 10.4Ah 21Ah 15Ah
Distance 20 - 30km 50 - 60km 40 - 50km
Weight 14kg 15.5kg 16.5kg
Speed Capped at 25km/h (LTA Compliant)
Dimension 95 x 52.5 x 118 cm
Tyre 8 - inches Front Pneumatic, Rear Solid
Maximum Rider's Weight 120KG 

* The specification can be changed by manufacturer without notice to improve the quality and safety for users.
* The distance on the specification is 60kg load, flat terrain with 20km/h constant speed riding basis.
The driving distance can be shortened by the driving environment and the driving way of user.
* The distance can be affected by loaded weight, wind direct (wind speed), road condition, slope and tire condition.




 Throttle Setting

P0 - Wheels diameter - 8" 
P1 - Battery readings - 315 or 425 
P2 - Number of motor magnet - 10 or 15
P3 - Internal or external speedometer
P4 - MPH or KMH
P5 - Kickstart or no kickstart (PAS)
P6 - Cruise control
P7 - Torque control (slow down the sudden torque that kick in when pressing the trigger compare to the default settling)


Throttle with ABCDE

A - 0008
B - 00315
C - A0015
D - Kick start
E - Cruise Control 


Pls note: Scooters specifications may vary and subjected to change without notice

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