48V Goboard Ace 600W/700W Electric Scooter 10Ah/15Ah/20Ah

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We strongly encourage customers to purchase extended warranty coverage as it's covers the most expensive parts (E.g. Battery, Motor, LCD Display, Controller)
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Singapore Safety Mark Certified Charger Adapter
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Our Passion GoBoard Ace comes with Front and Rear Tubeless Pneumatic , LCD, rear disc brake and foldable handlebars. It has a chrome painted body with a varnished vintage wooden deck or black aluminium deck 
The Passion GoBoard Ace scooter is a re-invented version of the first portable motorised kick scooter – the Roth Motorboard, featuring a wooden deck to main the classic feel of the original.
The GoBoard Ace 48V weights more than 20kg and features front and rear pneumatic tires which provide for a smoother ride and gives the rider a better ride comfort over longer distances. It is capable of traveling at a max speed of 45km/h and is able to travel up to 70km on a single battery charge for 20Ah.
These features set it apart from other electric scooter brands like the Patgear, ST8 and Passion Mini scooters which are less pleasant to ride as they have hard rubber tires instead of Go-Board’s pneumatic tires.
The Go-Board has earned its name of the Basic Road Warrior as its pneumatic tyres and moderate motor strength enable it to tackle majority of terrains in Singapore’s urban jungle. It's have very good torque and suitable to conquer uphill slope. 
Individuals whom are looking for something in better than Passion2 500w, MyWay INOKIM and E-Twow may be satisfied with the GoBoard Ace, as it's more powerful as the while being a little heavier.
Instruction Manual Guide for LCD: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1616592258567498/1738106923082697/
Goboard Ace 9 inch  setting P09 value 9, P07 Value 9.
Scooter Default is Kick start,
To disable kickstart there a brown and black wire you have to connect it at the controller. 

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